Murder on the Hellweg VII

Murder on the Hellweg VII

Elisabeth Herrmann, Bernhard Aichner, Sebastian Fitzek, Arno Strobel
and many others on a murderous pilgrimage

Notorious crime writers make a pilgrimage along the winding paths of the Hellweg region, immersing themselves in its myths, rituals and peculiarities. Superstition, misbelief and belief in salvation, but also love, are their companions. The result: 23 stories full of murder and manslaughter, guilt and atonement. Exciting, enigmatic and humorous, that’s for sure. Good entertainment is as certain as the Amen in church!
This year’s suspense prophets are: Bernhard Aichner (Unna district), Mechtild Borrmann (Hamm), Horst Eckert (Hagen), Jürgen Ehlers (Lünen), Sebastian Fitzek (Unna), Frl. Krise und Frau Freitag (Bergkamen), Sascha Gutzeit (Crime Express), Georg Haderer (Kamen), Kathrin Heinrichs (Soest), Carsten Sebastian Henn (Bad Sassendorf), Elisabeth Herrmann (Ahlen), Susanne Kliem (Bönen), Ria Klug (Wickede), Judith Merchant (Oelde), Gisa Pauly (Holzwickede), Till Raether (Schwerte), Arno Strobel (Gelsenkirchen), Su Turhan (Dortmund), Matthias Wittekindt (Witten), Rainer Wittkamp (Iserlohn), Jörg Steinleitner (Lüdenscheid), Christa Bernuth (Herdecke), Theresa Prammer (Fröndenberg).








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Fitzek’s thrillers are breathtaking, full of wild twists.

Harlan Coben, bestselling author

Sebastian Fitzek is simply amazing. I truly hope that one day I will be able to create suspense and plot twists in the way only Sebastian can. A true Master of his craft.

Chris Carter, Screenwriter & author