Facial expression

Facial expression

Do not be afraid! Except of yourself …

Sebastian Fitzek’s outstanding psychological thriller about a facial expression resonance expert who can no longer trust herself when she is in dire need

A tiny twitch at the corner of her mouth, the slightest change in her pupil are enough for her to “read” a person’s true self: Hannah Herbst is Germany’s most experienced facial expression resonance expert, specializing in the secret signals of the human body. As a consultant to the police, she has already convicted a number of violent criminals.
But just as she is struggling with the consequences of memory loss after an operation, she is confronted with the most horrific case of her career: A previously completely blameless woman has confessed to bestially murdering her family. Only her young son Paul survived. After her confession, the mother manages to escape from prison. Is she searching for her son in order to complete her “death mission”? Hannah Herbst only has the short confession video to convict the mother and save Paul. The problem: the murderer on the video is Hannah herself!

Her only way out leads deep inside her …

With expert advice from Dirk Eilert, the leading facial expression and body language expert in the German-speaking world.









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Fitzek’s thrillers are breathtaking, full of wild twists.

Harlan Coben, bestselling author

Sebastian Fitzek is simply amazing. I truly hope that one day I will be able to create suspense and plot twists in the way only Sebastian can. A true Master of his craft.

Chris Carter, Screenwriter & author