The invitation

The invitation

In anticipation of a long weekend in the Alps, Marla Lindberg accepts an invitation to a class reunion.
But shortly after arriving, she realizes that there is only one thing more deadly than leaving the secluded mountain hotel at night in the icy snow. Not to do it …

The invitation: Woe to the one who receives it…

Marla Lindberg’s memories are crystal clear: of the strange message that lured her to a disused maternity clinic. Of the figure who tried to kill her. The strange whistling cough of the psychopath during the fight to the death.
After years of psychotherapy, the highly intelligent young woman has learned that these are all false memories. Marla suffers from face blindness. Her brain plays tricks on her in extreme situations when it tries in vain to recognize people by their faces.
When Marla receives an invitation to a class reunion in the Alps, she hopes to be able to reminisce with her former classmates. When she arrives at the snowy mountain hotel, all the rooms are already occupied. There are used dishes on the dining table, the fireplace is flickering, but no one is there. Marla starts looking for the others. And then she hears it again. Someone whistling and coughing, outside, in the icy darkness …

Pure suspense – thriller meets horror

With a setting full of subtle horror elements, Sebastian Fitzek guarantees goosebumps. The new psychological thriller by Germany’s most successful thriller author also knows how to surprise with more than one unpredictable twist.










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Fitzek’s thrillers are breathtaking, full of wild twists.

Harlan Coben, bestselling author

Sebastian Fitzek is simply amazing. I truly hope that one day I will be able to create suspense and plot twists in the way only Sebastian can. A true Master of his craft.

Chris Carter, Screenwriter & author