The Eye Collector (Graphic Novel)

The Eye Collector (Graphic Novel)

The official graphic novel to the bestseller “The Eye Collector”

He kills your wife, he kidnaps your child, he gives you an ultimatum. And if you don’t fulfill it, he adds to his gruesome collection: the serial killer, whom the tabloids call the “eye collector”, keeps Berlin in suspense. The blind physiotherapist Alina Gregoriev and the washed-up ex-policeman Alexander Zorbach are the only ones with a useful lead. And Zorbach is already in deeper than he would like…

Sebastian Fitzek needs no introduction – his gripping thrillers have been consistent bestsellers for 15 years. Frank Schmolke, a star of the German comic scene, adapts his novel “Der Augensammler” as a graphic novel – expressive, explicit and without compromise.








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Fitzek’s thrillers are breathtaking, full of wild twists.

Harlan Coben, bestselling author

Sebastian Fitzek is simply amazing. I truly hope that one day I will be able to create suspense and plot twists in the way only Sebastian can. A true Master of his craft.

Chris Carter, Screenwriter & author