The Fish that Climb Trees

A Compass for the Great Adventure Called Life
Fische die auf Bäume klettern Fitzek Deutsch

“What is truly important in life?” Sebastian Fitzek poses this existential primordial question in his new book The Fish that Climb Trees.

In his most personal book to date, the author formulates his views on the themes of meaning, friendship, love, success and happiness – and tells in an exciting, touching and entertaining way how he arrived at these views. Of course, a thriller author often thinks of death. Sometimes even of his own: Sebastian Fitzek, Germany’s most successful thriller writer, ordered blood-red tomato juice in an airplane and pondered what he would be particularly sorry for if the Airbus crashed at that moment.
Because the King of Horror is privately a caring father of three preschool children, it occurred to him: “If I were to bite the dust right now, what I absolutely would want to say to my offspring would fill an entire book …”


Sebastian Fitzek -
Fische, die auf Bäume klettern
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