The Roar of Death – Auris

Based on an idea by Sebastian Fitzek
Auris 3 - Fitzek Kliesch Deutsch

When truth kills …
The heroes from the Auris bestseller by Vincent Kliesch and Sebastian Fitzek have to fight for their lives – an extraordinary kidnapping thriller!
For years the successful true crime podcaster Jula Ansorge has been trying to find out the truth about the fate of her brother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Moritz was first accused of a heinous crime by the police and later declared dead by the authorities. Matthias Hegel, the famous forensic phonetician, claims to have evidence that Moritz is still alive. But the dubious and unscrupulous expert, who only needs a voice sample to analyze the psyche of a perpetrator, has lied to and manipulated Jula mutliple times before.
She wants to meet him one last time. In the process, a catastrophe occurs: Jula and Hegel are brutally kidnapped. Apparently there is someone else who wants to track down Moritz – and in order to find him, the perpetrator does not hesitate to use even the cruelest torture. Jula and Hegel, the unequal and hostile investigator couple, are caught in an unsolvable, murderous dilemma: If they solve the last riddle about Moritz together, Jula’s brother will be killed. If they do not solve it, they themselves will die in captivity in agony …


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