Frequency of Death – Auris

Based on an idea by Sebastian Fitzek
Auris Greece Fitzek

Acoustic forensics, an obscure profiler and a kidnapped baby perfectly describes the fastpaced sequel to the No. 1 Spiegel bestseller Auris.

“Help, my baby is gone! I only see blood…” After a brief scuffling sound, the mother‟ s panicky emergency call to the Berlin police suddenly breaks off. If anyone can draw
conclusions about the woman’s whereabouts from this sound fragment, it is the forensic phonetician Matthias Hegel, whom some still consider a murderer. True Crime podcaster Jula Ansorge has succeeded in exonerating Hegel from the suspicion of murdering his wife, but in doing so she has come far too close to the dark side of the ingenious profiler. When Hegel now wants to use her research skills again in the case of the kidnapped baby, Jula refuses at first. But can she really leave the baby and its mother to their fate? And what about the information about her brother Moritz, who was believed to be dead, which Hegel allegedly wants to get for her?


Sebastian Fitzek -
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Sebastian Fitzek -
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